Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling

Kindness General Contractors, LLC is a full service provider of concrete cutting and demolition services. Concrete Cutting is the general name that includes the cutting and coring of concrete, asphalt, tile, stone, brick and pavers; using a wide range of specialized tools and equipment. We understand the varying nature of concrete cutting jobs and maintain a wide range of modern equipment, on well-equipped trucks, to handle any situation.

Every job is unique, and when a job presents a new challenge, we work with our customers and partners to develop the safest, cleanest and most efficient solutions. Whether you need core drilling, wall sawing, flat sawing or concrete breaking and removal, we have the experience and technical expertise to handle any job. Throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Kindness General Contractors, LLC remains your number one provider of concrete cutting and demolition services.

What We Do

Core Drilling

Core drilling, or coring, is used to make round holes for plumbing, electrical conduit and HVAC penetrations; or for bollards, railing, signposts, surface repairs, recessed lighting, decorative inserts, or any job that calls for a round hole in concrete, stone, tile or asphalt. From hole diameters smaller than one inch to 32” and larger, and to virtually any depth, core drilling is a practical solution for many needs. Coring on flat, horizontal and inverted surfaces is common and safe with proper planning and setup. Depending on the hole size required and job conditions, the equipment may be hand held, anchor mounted or vacuum mounted to the work surface. KGC, LLC has a wide range of standard and off-standard bit sizes to cover the varying needs of our customers.

100% of our core drilling equipment is water fed to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 standards.

Flat Sawing

Flat sawing is used to cut asphalt and concrete for trenches, repairs or pothole excavations on streets, roads, parking lots, curb & gutter, drive approaches, driveways or bridges. Our Diesel and electric flat saws are able to cut up to 16” deep asphalt, concrete or any combination thereof, without advance notice. With advance notice, we have Diesel saws available to cut up to 21” deep.

Flat saws are used to score joints in new concrete for decoration or crack control. Contact us before you pour to schedule cutting services to control cracking.

100% of our flat saws are water fed or employ containment and collection systems to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 standards.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing, or track sawing, is used on horizontal, flat or inverted surfaces. Wall saws are used to cut relief joints for demolition or complete openings for new man doors, windows, roll-up doors, mechanical openings, elevator shafts, building additions or structural footing modification; or to enlarge existing openings. Wall sawing achieves precise cuts at any angle. We regularly cut through concrete and brick from 8” to 24” thick and our 30 horsepower wall saw is capable of cutting materials up to 28” thick.

No two wall saw jobs are alike and the specific jobsite conditions must be considered to ensure a safe and successful job outcome. Our operators are experienced in the most difficult and dangerous wall sawing conditions and always place safety above all other considerations.

100% of our wall saws are water fed and comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 standards.

Hand Sawing & Ring Sawing

Hand saws are used to cut in areas with limited access or to cut small openings that make a flat saw or wall saw impractical or inefficient. Our powerful gas and hi-cycle electric hand saws are the best in the industry. Hi-cycle electric hand saws enable cutting with zero emissions in confined spaces or enclosed areas; or around hospitals or schools where the gas fumes may be intrusive.

Our hand saws are able to cut up to 6” deep but when used with a gas or hi-cycle ring saw, we are able to cut to 16” deep, without overcutting the corners on walls, slabs or decks.

100% of our hand saws and ring saws are water fed and comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 standards.

Chain Sawing

Chain sawing, sometimes called plunge sawing, allows the cutting of openings as small as 4-1/2” square through materials as thick as 24”. We operate 4, 8 and 12 horsepower chainsaws that are able to cut from 16” to 24” deep. Chain saws are most often used to finish-cut the corners of wall and deck openings, allowing them to fall out cleanly without overcutting the corners. Chain sawing eliminates the need to core drill the corners of openings and leaves a clean, finished product. The quantity of water chain sawing requires eliminates respirable silica from the cutting process.

Overcutting is the practice of cutting past the edge of the adjacent cut, into the material that will not be removed. Engineers and general contractors often disallow overcutting, as it leaves permanent visible cut lines, even after patching and painting; and because it weakens the structure around an opening. Overcutting is rarely allowed where concrete floors will be polished.

Breaking & Removal

KGC, LLC operates a variety of trucks, tractors and tools to break, remove and haul away concrete, asphalt, dirt or other construction and demolition debris; while using proven and approved methods to mitigate and contain respirable silica. We have a solution for any breaking, removal, excavation and hauling need with many pneumatic, electric and hydraulic options.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Concrete Cutting Service?

Of the various other companies offering concrete cutting services, our distinguishing qualities are quality workmanship and the advanced equipment we use in carryout our services. We work with a team of well trained concrete cutting professionals who use state-of-the-art machineries and equipment to get the job done. Hence, we are able to deliver at a record time.

Furthermore, we take maximum safety measures that ensures that during our time in your project site, there will be no accident to either our staff members or other people working in your site. We ensure that as we leave, the site is safe and ready for whatever activity is intended to be carried on there.

Also, we offer our services at a rate that is super friendly. We have invested so much in cost-cutting equipment and manpower that understand project management. Our aim is to ensure that we deliver to you the best possible concrete cutting services at a rate and quality that will leave you satisfied.

Reputation for Success...

KGC, LLC has gained a well-deserved reputation for its high degree of success in completing projects on time and within budget. KGC, LLC has been able to accomplish this for three principal reasons:

  • Relationships First

  • Always Add Value

  • Solutions

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